Before the Great Patriotic war, the population of Armenia was 1.5 million, which is 1% of the population of the entire Soviet Union.

Armenia was the smallest (thinly populated) republic of the USSR, nevertheless, more than half million Armenians moved to the front: about 300 thousand of them didn’t return back among them being Mkrtich Tigranian. For more than 70 years his relatives had no information about the past of his military life, except for the fact that he was killed in 1944 in Belarus.

Due to the declassification work of the Central Archives of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation special web pages were created in the Internet that were supplemented with valuable information about the veterans of the Great Patriotic war.

Another “Unknown name”, another worthy Armenian was discovered, who was awarded with the highest reward for his boundless bravery.


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Published: «Вестник общественных наук», № 2 (май-август), Ереван, «Наука», 2015, стр. 24-33.